Hello world cycling users!

Our brand new website is coming soon. Stay tuned!

This time we decided to launch a new website with premium domain name WWW.CYCLE.PRO. From here, customers can shop our cycling goods online and send us inquiries for bulk orders or customization orders, but there will be only available for sending inquiries at the initial phase, and will notify you guys when we are all ready!

Up to now, we have abandoned our several old websites because we had been trying to explore the best way to display our cycling wear and related cycling products with a premium website.

So we are so sorry for this maybe has made many inconveniences to our customers and users who had already registered to our previous websites! However we believe that this should be our last big change for website but updates and upgrades will continue.

Welcome to our old and new customers and users to sign up again for a new account, login with Facebook or gmail account are welcome and a recommended way too!

With a user account on our website you will have more convenient to get in touch with us. You can shop online and send us enquiries or just for keeping in touch for our business.

Here’s a good way to send us an enquiry and get a quotation for cycling wear customization orders click here

Thanks all!

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